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2018 Doll Tutorial Kit pricing

$10 for tutorial/pattern (webpage link, notes etc)
$35 for Material kit/tutorial/pattern
$35 for doll kit ONLY
$65 - $75 for full tutorial/pattern/materials/painted doll kit

Now … for those that just want the pattern/tutorial – you can *buy* a FULL ISSUE of AMERICAN MINIATURIST 
(printed magazine for $10 … or DIGITAL for under $7)
this is a better deal then paying for JUST my tutorial!!



For those that signed up for the HARLOT series --- RED Marie (doll #1) is finished! Red Marie is the Feb AMERICAN MINIATURIST article.

Now working on the Frilly DANDY liveryman
behind her ...


Christmas Free Tutorials

These are redacted hints/blogs/tutorials. No kits available - but information is golden! For the bulk of my 200+ tutorial hints - click the LEARN button above left.

- FRILLS2 (an online magazine with articles, and tutorials from my past)
-DollCoach daily #1
-DollCoach daily #2 - Doll Coach daily #5 - Doll Coach daily #6 - Doll Coach #7


View photos, commentary and class dolls of the
European Teaching Tour ... click HERE

MERCI - Christmas Tutorial


Dressing Tutorial ....

Kits sold out.



Black/White Series

This series is complete - and final notes and information on putting your doll photo in my upcoming 2018 DOLL BOOK (hard cover) can be found here ...


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Minidoll LIST

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Ttutorials for the backdrop etc ...

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