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Our Tutorial CD's are a collection of live/online classes from each year. 
Upon purchase, you have a choice of physical DVD or instant download link.

OUR SPECIALTY - is taking BRAND new Beginners and helping them discover their inner dollmaking muse. Click to our CREATIVE CUSTOMER Gallery to see results!

Tutorial CD's

Wendy Tobias is the distributor of my 2015 and 2016 Tutorial CD's.
Contact info: heirloomsdollhouse@gmail.com or phone 425.209.9196

Each CD is $25 plus $1 postage
OR purchase - Online Download Link for $20 each.

Buy both - no extra postage.

International Orders welcome - Post is $1.50 for (1) or $2.25 for (2) CD's.

VISUAL Dollmaking Tools

DOLL KITS ... Because this is a TEACHING SITE, not a store ... the only kits available are advertised in newsletter - once a month.

Doll are created, sold out and then we prepare for the next one.