2017 FALL European Teaching Tour

........ I'm B A C K .....
(cue weird TV voice <G>)
... and WE DID IT!

-85 Porcelain doll kits (no breakage <G> WHEW!) for 85 students
-A month of traveling on trains, planes and car rides
-and an incredible collection of friendship memories to treasure

I also want to give a special SHOUT OUT of thankx - for the kindness and friendship of my hostesses - MARIANNE A (Netherlands), NATHALIE G (France), PAT C (Petersborough) and JEAN P (England).

(A BIG BIG HUG to Marianne who provided countless trips to and from the various airports (and TRAIN STATION) in Netherlands, as I used her for a *home* base. THANK YOU THANK YOU from your American *Daughter* <G> for finding me when I was soo lost on that train trip!)

(Scroll to bottom to see student photos and comments .....)

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ANNEMarie K and DANA - posing for the camera. Wonderful visit during lunch on Day 1 of the NETHERLANDS CLASS. Watch for AnneMarie's new mold coming out in my RED MARIE (Harlot Series) ....


ALRIGHTY ... Lets get to the good stuff!
Below are links to photos from each country - as well as the comment section. I will update until the end of the month ... so ladies (and gent) you have two weeks to send in those class photos!

Send photos to me personally at DANA@Miniatureart.com .... I literally have 2000+ emails to get thru as well as orders (no time to troll Facebook to cut and paste).


French Class held by Nathalie Gireaud's beautiful French villa. I think this is our 7th year? together ... such pretty ladies - and they created incredibly beautiful dolls! SPARKLE (Diamonds was this year's color theme).


2nd Class (first was a draping theory) ... We created Magess - and almost everyone finished early at 4pm!! Thank you to Pat C and Susan S for putting together this wonderful weekend of classes!

3rd English class - Love having my *man* Clive as a student! We created ARLETTE.

2nd ENGLISH Class

Jean Pearson's doll cabinets. One of my very best customers ... and hostess of a private class this year.


DAY 1 - DUCHESS Students - wow! The ladies did amazing - such a fun and easy group - even with the large size.

DAY 2 - Vespertine Class #1 - Such a wonderful day in this Netherlands cabin owned by Bianca. The inside was more of a museum with an incredible array of miniatures created by the owners!

Day 3 - Vespertine Class #2 - Fun and lots of laughter with this group. See the video when we are all doing the *Stress go away* Dance Video.


"It was such a pleasure to meet you!! And what a great workshop it was! I have enjoyed every minute of it and I still do, because Iam still working on my Vespertina. Iam going slow, but ohhh I so love to do it, to see how she is getting ready bit by bit. 

Dana you are not coming next year and that is a mistake! Instead of not coming, you should come like 3 or 4 times a year to learn me more! And ofcourse to meet you in person!" ......... Warm regards, Anita (Netherlands)

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STUDENT Photos ...

AGNES and Nathalie M (FRANCE) .... JOIE Class dolls

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THE END of another wonderful year of teaching! Thank you to all those that took the time to be my hostess - coordinator and customer! Please remember that 2018 is ALL ABOUT writing my book, getting orders caught up and working on the YOUTUBE tutorial videos. To register for 2019 Classes - contact my co-ordinator KIM CUNNINGHAM to reserve your month.