2017 FALL European Teaching Tour

(CMW/Promoters) ... comments received from student feedback ...

Brilliant, excellent, friendly, helpful 110%

Dana is brilliant and I even finished the doll this year!

Dana was lovely and I have two lovely dolls......ordered another!

The workshops were great, as were ...and Dana.

Enjoyed Danas classes very much learnt lots,


"It was such a pleasure to meet you!! And what a great workshop it was! I have enjoyed every minute of it and I still do, because Iam still working on my Vespertina. Iam going slow, but ohhh I so love to do it, to see how she is getting ready bit by bit. 

Dana you are not coming next year and that is a mistake! Instead of not coming, you should come like 3 or 4 times a year to learn me more! And ofcourse to meet you in person!" ......... Warm regards, Anita (Netherlands)


"What a nice experience, your workshop yesterday! I have really enjoyed it so much!
I have just finished my dolls haircut. The finishing touch! As promised I send you a photograph of the result. I think she is playing a role in 'The tempest' of William Shakespeare ☺. I will give her a nice place in my house.
Again: have a good and save journey back home and lots of succes with your work that gives so much joy to so many women." ........... Anne-Marie (Netherlands)


I attended your class on saturday and made Magess. I would like to say a huge thanks I really enjoyed myself.And came away with a beautifull doll that I'm really pleased with, and to say thanks again for making your class so friendly, cheerfull and productive.
Can't praise you enough, thanks,thanks,thanks. Safe travels until you reach home.
HUGE HUGS,  Jacki Hurd xxx (England)


I thoroughly enjoyed your class and hope that I will be quick enough to register with you (CMW) again next year. .....Thank you for being so charming and helpful and totally patient. I had a great time.

Kind regards.

Sue Robshaw x (England)