2017 FALL European Teaching Tour

(STUDENT) FINISHED DOLL PHOTOS .... (no particular order).
December lst is deadline to showcase your photos here.
Simply email to DANA@Miniatureart.com with PHOTO in subject line.

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Adriana's Vespertine

Camille's JOIE

Caroline's Vespertine and Accessories

Els Duchess

Marike's Vespertine

Pien's Vespertine

Sue S's Magess and scene

Sue S's Arlette

Sun's Duchess (she used her own doll)
Website for her incredible jewelry

Susanne's Duchess

Diana F (Time Traveling Vespertine)

Victoria B's Duchess

Anne-Marie D's Duchess
Linda L's Magess

Linda L's Arlette

Elma L's Duchess

Ebbelina's Duchess

EBbelina's Vespertine

To's Duchess

To's Vespertine

Marike's Vespertine

Adriana's Duchess

Cathy de L's Vespertine

AnneMarie's Duchess

AnneMarie's Vespertine

Carla's Duchess

Carla's Vespertine

Susanne S's Duchess

Vic's Duchess

Jacki H's Magess

Jean Pearson's Mortissia (private class)

Marjolein's Duchess

Hazel's Magess

Sylvia W's Magess

AnneMarie T's Duchess