JAN 2018

30+ years of teaching dollmaking - has led to literally 400+ tutorials, and a huge disarray of tutorial links on this website that lead to the great filing cabinet in the sky (or dead end links <G>).

Therefore, it is much simpler to make a new website - with a name used in all my tutorial magazine articles, book and showcased by class promoters.

www.DANAburton.com is the new 2019 current website. I will be gently merging this website in the next 6 months to the DANAburton one.

First Monday (January 7th) I will be teaching Candy's hair in class.











November online class notes!

Thank you to MOONYEEN MOLLER who has kindly volunteered to make our online class experience - available to all.

Notes appear here - as she has the time to compile after class (usually 24 hours).

Attending class is easy and free. During Monday's in November (at 11am CST) - simply click to www.minidollU.com and enter your name to log in.

We hold contests at 11:01 - with doll body and other prizes! ALL are welcome.

Nov 5th Nov 12th Nov 19th Nov 26

CURLClass Notes

Buns, Braids and Bumps worksheet

and Class Notes
(Thank you MOONYEEN)

Enhancing hairlines - 11am CST
no 7pm class

View the WIGGING Cross Video
(for base hairline info)

Class Notes
(thank you Moonyeen)

TOOL tips and Tricks

NOTES (thankx to Moonyeen!)