2017 Kits - End purchase date 10/15

Greetings everyone! I am in Europe and want to remind you that my 2017 kit sales end 10/15. At that time - my scheduler/planner will be creating the work list for Nov/Dec to finish out the year.

If you would like save your place in line for a kit - simply purchase by 10/15. (Can you hardly believe its the end of the year?).

To purchase, add up the kits you would like to buy - add $5 US/$13 foreign shipping... click my paypal direct link below... and put what you'd like in the paypal notes (or send an email).


Thank you for your patience and patronage this year! Last trip until 2019!!! Love teaching my students, but the chaos it creates in not being home to work on orders is very difficult! So here is to a year of nothing but online business!


HARLOT ....Winter AMERICAN MINIATURIST tutorial articles
3 doll series - $195

Red Marie Antoinette, Pirate Wench, Saloon Madam

Pre-Registration has begun. I will be shopping for materials, trims etc when I am in Europe teaching (France, England, Netherlands). These dolls have not been created yet. But the newest offering ...


November AM Article
$65 plus shipping ($5 US/$13 foreign)

GYPSY Dancer/Princess

2018 MDL Online Convention doll ....

$65 plus $5 shipping US/$13 foreign
Goat from JILweisz@gmail.com - $45


BLACK/WHITE doll series is completed. For information on sending your work (doll photo) for inclusion in book ... click HERE

Out of Studo 9/5 - 9/12

TEACHING a live class at CHAMPS show (near San Francisco), CA

AM 3 series

-Rizena - noble with falcon from jilweisz.com

THE CURRENT SERIES I AM WORKING ON ... just started sending out kits 10/1

- Fairy on horseback (coming soon)
- Sultan's Favorite (coming soon)

EMPRESS of the ELVES (Luna) - Kits available

( AM article/Contest kit)
One of the works in process
(uses MOONSTRUCK horse from www.jilweisz.com)

Misc Orders - kits sold out

filling in as I can after doing above

Sophie Sun
Raven Rose
Vespertine guinea pig kits

PLEASE REMEMBER ... I am one person - catching up yeah! But I can only get out 40 kits a week average.


Greetings and first - thank you for your order. My business has grown so large, partly because I have had so many wonderful customers - turn into friends - that I can't say *NO* even though I am overbooked.

1. All my live classes are done/scheduled - and with one exception sold out for the entire year.

2. There will be NO Wigging club for the remainder of this year.

3. There will be no new class series for the rest of this year. The Black/white kits will be my 2017 online class series for this year.

4. My AM articles will be the only *limited* kits available for the rest of year (see below).

AND for next year - she recommends NO travel - (unless I can easily drive - a weekend).

IF I religiously follow this schedule until I am current with orders/and finish my live classes ... I can finally breathe - and work on my book!

This allows me to finish various other orders - without stress - thus painting nice faces and avoid burn out.