Steps to teaching a class ...

When you are a teacher – there are many more steps then simply making a doll …

1.       FIND dress, hair, pose, materials, design photos …Something that inspires YOU (the teacher).  If passion is involved – then your doll will be extraordinary!

2.       Now … find at least 4-6 yards of material, trim, laces, beads, viscose etc – so you can make 30 – 40 kits.  IF You don’t have it on hand – make sure you can go online and hold/ORDER it This sometimes takes a whole day to locate and research!

3.       Next – figure out your market (or take what THEY want … and change original design so it will sell)

4.       THEN after all that is done … its time to take your mutated design … and change it again (for lack of better words – dumb it down so that everyone from beginners to advanced) can make it in a LIVE CLASS without getting frustrated!

5.       Next make the doll, take photos and write the notes for the tutorial (2-3 days)

6.       Spend a whole day photographing the doll, figuring out webwork and social media

7.        Make up your newsletter … offer doll for sale, wait a few days and order the necessary material and close the books

8.       Do all the paperwork, make student list, design and print off covers, labels, shipping info and student web page

9.       Now wait for material to come in – meanwhile pouring/cleaning/firing the dolls.

10.    Buy a box of wine – shut yourself away and try to paint 5 – 10 dolls a day


THAT is the basics <G>!  But I just want you to know – what goes into a successful class/kit.  AND heaven forbit your muse is on vacation due to health, family issues, stress etc!

ALL IN ALL … I LOVE my art – its incredible to do something you love – but for those that think ANYTHING is instant (or a doll in a day --- more like a few weeks <G>).