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Minidoll LIST

February 27th - I will be moderating on the MDL ( the entire day - with hints, tips on painting miniature doll faces in Acrylics. Below are the EXACT items I use - so you can shop and have on hand to follow along.

(IF you are unfamiliar with how the MDL works ... it is a FREE 18 yo YAHOO group for miniature doll enthusiasts. Click to website, join and enjoy daily hints and tips for creating. We are a kind, caring, sharing group with NO BULLIES! and ONLY doll discussion).

January kicks off 3 weeks with DANA moderating the MDL (

WEEK #1 .... *Finding the SOUL* of your doll in photography ... (including a tutorial on making your own backdrop)!

Ttutorials for the backdrop etc ...

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ART of Wigging ....

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